Video Campaigns

Many former members are getting creative and making a big impact with video campaigns.

AAWA Takes on the Watchtower Society

The Shrinking Cult of Scientology. A video by Tiziona Lugli

I’m an Ex-Mormon Video


Parties & Support System

Here is a pic at 2013 4th of July Party held by former Jehovah Witnesses

This is a pic of the 4th of July party held in Texas in 2011 by former Church of Scientology members.

There is an abundance of life outside the cult mind control and manipulation. It’s fun out here, we support each other, make new friends and live by our own rules!

2 Responses to Video Campaigns

  1. FLDS and the main LDS church are NOT connected anytime in the recent past. The abuse scandals, multiple wives, etc. have NOTHING to do with us. Most of us are good, honest people who are just trying to be helpful and hard-working members of our communities.

    Good for this lady that she likes herself more now. It’s great that she loves her life. However, tearing other people down because they CHOOSE to remain mormon is just… sick. I’m glad she’s found happiness and peace within herself. But obviously it’s not anything specifically wrong with the LDS church, it’s just the fact that she doesn’t believe in ANY God. So basically she is an atheist who feels the need to try to “disillusion” those who like where they’re at. Why do so many people who supposedly find peace have to tear down what brings peace to others?

  2. Truth Rundown Creator

    Alicia – I don’t see where the ex-mormon was tearing down the LDS church or beliefs of others, I think these ex-mormons videso (as there are many) were put together because somehow Mormons feel there only going to be happy if they stay in the religion or maybe because they feel they are condemed if they leave?? I appreciate your feedback, it’s nice to see a current member being willing to converse with people like me who are are trying to connect the dots with all these churches, there is good and bad with everything I think.

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