These stories are very touching and inspiring, most are only a few minutes long. Short and Sweet. Enjoy!

Marriage survived despite husband “doubting” church. Inspiring story!

Mother talks about fearing the loss of her family.

Parents and children question The Mormon Church.

Musician talks about his integrity.

Park Romney (Mitt Romney’s cousin) talks about being “alienated” by his family for leaving Mormonisn at 38:15 in the video – This is the full BBC Documentary on The Mormon Candidate. Other Ex-Members talk about families shunning them at 31:30 in the video

Jeffery R. Holland – Mormon Church Leader denies the practice of shunning in Mormonism at 6:35 in the video

One Response to Shunning/Family

  1. “Mormon aristocracy” bahahaha, what the crap? That is one extremely bitter man. The leaders of the LDS church aren’t wealthy men living it up and enjoying money… they spend most of their time traveling the world, visiting remote congregations and helping people. I’ve never seen anyone shunned by our church in my entire life. My own family members have left the church and haven’t been shunned in the least. There are prominent LDS people who DO have apostate children. It’s really not a huge deal like people are making it out to be.

    We also believe that baptizing people doesn’t automatically make them a member of our church, it just gives them the chance to accept it in the next life. It isn’t meant to devalue whatever faith they held when they were alive, it gives them the opportunity to accept the baptism and other rights after they die, if we are the true church of God.

    And we, as members, are only allowed to research and do temple work for people to whom we are directly related.

    LDS genealogy has helped thousands of non-members find their ancestors and learn more about their past. Isn’t that a really cool side-branch of our research? We’re also working to go through every census and make it free and available/searchable online, so people can find their family.

    Another branch or employment for former CIA and FBI agents is the large troupe of bodyguards that are employed by the church :)

    Oh and… the apostles aren’t stupid men. They are ex-military, business professionals, etc. They led very successful lives and careers before they were called to be apostles. basically saying that they are part of a cult, are ignorant and prone to brainwashing.. it’s honestly just insulting.

    We’re encouraged to study out the teachings of the church, and if we don’t agree and choose to leave, that’s that.

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