FLDS Church – Child Abuse

To clarify The FLDS (Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints) is not a part of LDS (Latter Day Saints) / Mormons, they are two seperate churches. The FLDS formed in early twentieth century as a result of the LDS Church suspension of the practice of polygomy. See LDS Mormon/FLDS page for breif history.

Elissa Wall, escapes FLDS polygomist life after being forced to marry her first cousin at the age of 14

Dr. Drew interviews former FLDS Attorney about child abuse

Guilty verdict for FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs

Under what circumstances would it take for you to ask your child to move out of the house, knowing he/she had no where else to go?
What would the child have to be doing that was so bad you did not want them in the family unit any longer? Drugs, criminal activity, dropping out of school? It is such an alien, un-natural phenomenon for a parent to disassociate with their child. What force could be greater than that of the love for your child?

Young boys being banished from their homes and communities

Lost Boys – Documentary Channel promo piece

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  1. I don’t know that anyone raised in such a community could try to actively stop it… it’s like re-educating racists to become non-racist. The fact that they managed to go against a mother’s natural instinct to protect their children kind of horrifies me. I know if any man tried to hurt me my mother would physically break them herself to defend me :) my mum’s one touch chica, though ;)

    Makes me glad that i’m LDS, and that my parents and leaders have absolutely no say in where, when, or whom I marry!

  2. I’m grateful for this site and other media sources that brings out the TRUTH of the innumerable (so called) religious acts that violate human rights. It astounds me how people can claim, justify, and get away with sin and abuse in the name of religion.

    If more people across our nation knew of all of the crimes that had already been committed, when Utah and Arizona in 1945 and 1953, tried to RESCUE the children and women from civil rights violations, their wouldn’t have been a need for Texas to attempt to RESCUE the Fundamentalist children from years of ongoing trauma and abuse.

    Many polygamists continue to teach and condition their children that those violations “are not wrong, but are God’s will.” Just as their parents had, and their grandparents before them, they will grow up to believe in and perpetuate the same crimes w/o complete understanding.

    I wish everyone would start calling those events what they really were: attempted RESCUES – not what FLDS, other pro-polygamous people and media twisted them around to be, calling them RAIDS and “religious persecution.” Polygamists have been breaking the laws for 122 years now. They’ve USED those three RESCUE attempts to cause more fear and to maximize their cause. With those and other legal wins as excuses that God is on their side; they have done and will continue to justify and implement their ongoing, long list of insurmountable, vile, Human and Civil rights violations that are still getting worse by the day.

  3. Truth Rundown Creator

    Thank you for your feedback Kristyn. I’m hell bent on helping to expose these religous cult abuses! This blog is just getting started so I would appreciate you sharing it with others for more feedback on the FLDS Cult. Thanks again.

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