Shunning & Disconnection

Despite your beliefs in whatever religous doctrine you choose to believe in, how do you get to a place in your life where you turn your back on family and friends? Parents shunning their children, children disconnecting from parents. Where is the sense of community and love we hear about in our churches?

If the church of Scientology and the Watchtower deny the practice of shunning in their churches, then why are members practicing it? If it’s not a practice that is taught or condoned, why are so many families being torn apart because of shunning? This is such a huge issue and effects thousands of families. It also creates a lot of bad public relations for these churches. So the logical question would be – why aren’t the churches stepping up to the plate to address it and help re-unite these families? Isn’t that the role of your church, to bring families, friends and communities together to help reslove conflicts and re-unite? Or are the churches just not admitting to this destructive practice? See Scientology section for more disconnection stories.

Father of 3, shunned by his children because he decided to leave The Watchtower Organization

Jehovah Witness Elder under oath, claiming Watchtower doesn’t practice shunning with regards to family/friends

Older generation of Jehovah Witnesses talk about shunning and ex-communication from the Watchtower Organization

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