Crimes Against Children

It is unthinkable to cover up child abuse? You hear about it in every major church organization whether it’s Baptists, Jehovah Witness, Catholic or Scientology. Why is it that most of the cases are covered up by the church and not reported to authorites? It seems as though they protect the abuseres. How do you get to a state of mind where you justify not calling authorities on child abusers? Since when did church image become more important than childrens rights? There is something very wrong here.

Courts find Watchtower Society Guilty in Candice Conti case July 2012

Watchtower Governing Body Member (leader) comments on why they don’t report child abuse cases

Watchtower in Australia covers up child abuse cases

Scientology Executive – Jan Eastgate arrested for Obstruction of Justice in child abuse case

Former Executive in Scientology talks about the Jan Eastgate Obstruction of Justice case and how she herself was a victim of abuse at age 14

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  1. That’s really hard. I can’t imagine the kind of people that would willingly cover up abuse in any way :(

    Makes me glad that my church worked hard to discover and condemn the man in my ward who molested boys in three states.

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