Scientology Presidents Son Alexander Jentzsch’s Death Ruled an Accident

I touched on a story a few days ago about Alexander Jentzsch, the son of former Church of Scientology President Heber Jentzsch.

27-year-old Alexander was found dead on July 3 at the home of his in-laws in Los Angeles. According to The Village Voice, Assistant chief coroner Ed Winter has now ruled Alexander Jentzsch’s death as an accident. Alexander was suffering from pneumonia while he was on a prescription of methadone. His injury was “drug intake,” Winter says, and “final mode” of death an accident.

Alexander’s mother Karen De La Carriere was not told about the death of her son, she came across the information on Facebook. Alexander disconnected from his mother a couple of years ago as she was declared a “suppressive person” by the church and ex-communicated. Church policy states Scientologists can have no contact with anyone ex-communicated from the church, until such time as they “handle” their situation and return to “good standing” within the church.

Alexander was living with his in-laws in Los Angeles at the time of his death, no-one had the decency to call his mother to inform her of his death, in fact Karen’s request to see her sons body one last time was refused by Alexander’s wife, who is a Scientologist.

Karen De La Carrier was not allowed to attend her son’s funeral service at the Church of Sceintology. She instead honored her son with a service at sea amongst family and friends, some of which traveled all the way from the UK to attend.

Memorial at Sea for Alexander Jentzsch

Karen De La Carriere talks about having to petition to have another child in the church when she was on staff years ago

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