Watchtower Society Found Guilty – A Landmark Win for Candice Conti / Church of Scientology Covers up Alexander Jentzsch’s rape at 12 yrs old

In a landmark case against The Watchtower Society (Jehova Witness), Candice Conti now 26, said from 1995-1996, when she was only 9 and 10 years old and a member of the North Fremont, Ca Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, she was repeatedly molested by a fellow congregant, Jonathan Kendrick.

Conti also claimed in her suit that the Watchtowers national leaders formed “church policy” in 1989 that instructed the religion’s elders to keep child sex abuse accusations secret. Congregation elders apparently followed that policy when Kendrick was convicted in 1994 of misdemeanor child molestation in Alameda County, according to Contis lawyer Simons. This is just another way for churches to try and maintain perfect public images.

Kendrick was never criminally charged in the case involving Conti, but besides the 1994 conviction, he was later convicted in 2004 for lewd or lascivious acts with a child, according to records.

In July 2012 a Northern California jury has awarded $28 million in damages to Candice Conti – “This is the largest jury verdict for a single victim in a religious child abuse case in the country,” said Simons.

This guilty verdict against the Watchtower should serve as notice to Scientology, Mormonism and the like – you can not keep hiding behind doctrine, your self serving church “policies” will not be tolerated any longer, human life is more important than your public image! Good trumps Evil – every time!!

And while we rejoice for Candice and her landmark win against The Watchtower Society we must not forget others are
mourning the loss of a young mans untimely death. Karen De La Carriere, the mother was not informed until days after the death of her son and was not allowed to attend her sons funeral service at the Church of Scientology.

A tragic story of Alexander Jentzsch¬†(Scientology’s Former President Heber Jentzsch’s son) who recently passed away in early July. It was later found out he was raped at age 12 yrs old and was covered up by the Church of Scientology and it’s staff who knew about it. This story is an outrage!

See detailed story at this blog:

There is an ongoing investigation by the LAPD

Child abuse and molestation has become headline news almost daily in our society. I just can’t rap my head around it, there’s absolutely nothing that would silence me if I had knowledge of a child being abused, in fact I’d probably take matters in my own hands out of pure anger and disgust!

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