The Watchtower, Scientology & Mormonism have nothing in common, or do they?

I always knew churches were similar in many ways, they all were looking for new members, they all had certain beliefs they practiced, they all say they help the community, they all depended on donations etc. But I never thought about really comparing some of the different churches and most importantly their practices until I started making friends who were very outspoken about being ex-members of various churches. This intrigued me as I to had recently "broken up" with my church and ended the relationship after 20 years.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Religion is a belief system, Church is a MAN made organization, that can and usually does go corrupt. Despite popular belief, they are not one in the same. We do not need a building (a church) to worship or practice our faith. This blog is Not a place where we will talk much about religious philosophy, (God knows there’s enough of that going on) but rather the controlling, manipulating practices used within churches to keep their flock in line.

There are some chilling similarities between MANY Churches that I’d like to talk about with anyone interested. We will talk about things like:

Ex-communication / Being labeled by your church – why would any church put labels on people – aren’t churches supposed to be non-judgemental and open to anyone?
Shunning / Disconnection – how are people brought to the point of shunning their own children, parents, siblings & friends and why is that even neccessary in the first place?
Tithing / Donations – why do we give our money blindly without evidence of where it has been spent in the past?
Recruiting tactics
Why alot of churches practically have their own “language” to learn
Thought reform and manipulation – why do we so easily believe everything the church says?
Why are members afraid to DOUBT or question things? Doubting and questioning is healthy, it’s using your Critical Thinking SKills!
Why are so many families being broken apart (shunning) – isn’t Church supposed to help bring families and friends together?

Is there a bigger picture that we need to be looking at? My hope is that this blog will be a “not so serious” place where current members and Exes from any and all churches join in, agree or disagree or just agree to disagree on the topics. I invite you to join in, speak your mind, but most of all Think for Yourself!

2 Responses to The Watchtower, Scientology & Mormonism have nothing in common, or do they?

  1. Some things on here are accurate about mormonism. We are expected to devote a lot of time to the church, and give 10% of our income.

    However i’d like to point out that excommunication is extremely rare and only used in extremely reprehensible cases. I only know one person in my entire life who has been excommunicated, and it was because he was molesting teenage boys in our ward. He was caught, prosecuted by the law, and excommunicated before they even went to trial.

    As for this “shunning” of people who mess up or leave the church? Maybe in Utah, where everyone judges each other and thinks they’re better than everyone else. Your average mormon will not shun family or friends who choose to leave the church. Their bishops won’t encourage them to, either. In fact, just the opposite. We’re taught that even if people are doing something we consider “wrong” that we should still be there for them when they need us emotionally, and just.. love them.

    My sister left the church more than 5 years ago and my family is just fine with her. She’s still invited to and attends family gatherings. She promised to write to me every week while I serve a mission for the church. She bears no ill will towards the church, and I bear none towards her. We just accept that it wasn’t what she wanted for her life, and she accepts that it’s what I want for mine.

    Also, tithing is not necessary. They don’t kick you out or shun you if you don’t pay tithing. You aren’t allowed in the temple if you don’t, because you aren’t showing complete devotion to God, but that’s as old as the Bible. I’ve literally never, in my entire life, seen anyone be forced to do anything by the church or for the church. …except occasionally parents will force their underage kids to go to church when they’ve decided they don’t want to… but they were always allowed to walk away at age 18. It’s not unlike parents making their kids stay in school until 18, and not signing the drop-out papers, because they think it best for them.

    Honestly, I know a lot of people of varying faiths. They’re good people. Wiccans are some of my favorites, and less likely to judge us mormons than most “christian” groups. But it bothers me that you go off of what you think you know about these churches instead of talking to people who choose this life for themselves.

    I was raised mormon, but both of my parents are converts. They were raised Catholic and decided that it didn’t jive with their personally held beliefs. They don’t hate Catholics, they just chose something different. I was raised mormon, and when I turned 18 I chose to stay in the church because it’s what I want, not because anyone is making me. If I walked away tomorrow my family wouldn’t love me any less, and they certainly wouldn’t refuse to see me! :P

  2. Truth Rundown Creator

    Thanks for your feedback Alicia, I appreciate the perspective from a current Mormon.